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Read This First

Positions of WARNING and CAUTION Labels

Manuals for This Printer

How to Read This Manual


Model-Specific Information

List of Options

Installing the Operating Instructions

Guide to the Printer

Exterior: Front View

Exterior: Rear View


Control Panel

Display Panel

Reading the Display and Using Keys

Installing Options

Available Options

Order of Option Installation

Where to Install Options

Cautions When Re-installing the Controller Board

Turning off the Power

Attaching the Paper Feed Unit

Installing the Memory Expansion Units

Installing the SDRAM Module

Installing the Hard Disk

Installing the Interface Units

Installing the Gigabit Ethernet Board

Installing the Wireless LAN Interface Board

Installing the Bluetooth Interface Unit

Installing the IEEE 1284 Interface Board

Installing SD Card Options

Connecting the Printer Cables

Ethernet Cable Connection

Reading the LED Lamps

USB Cable Connection

Digital Camera Connection

Parallel Cable Connection


Ethernet Configuration

Specifying an IP Address (No DHCP)

Receiving an IP Address Automatically (DHCP)

Configuring Network Settings When Using NetWare

Setting the Ethernet Speed

Enabling IEEE802.1X Authentication

Wireless LAN Configuration

Setting the SSID

Setting Security Method of Wireless LAN

Setting a WEP Key

Setting WPA

Configuring WPA/WPA2

Installing a Site Certificate

Installing Device Certificate

Setting Items of WPA/WPA2

Paper and Other Media

Supported Paper for Each Tray


Standard Paper Tray and Paper Feed Unit Trays

Bypass Tray

Paper Weight and Capacity

Paper Recommendations

Storing Paper

Types of Paper and Other Media

Paper Not Supported by This Printer

Print Area

Loading Paper

Standard Tray or Paper Feed Unit Trays

Bypass Tray

Replacing Consumables

Adding Toner

Replacing the Photo Conductor Unit

Replacing the Intermediate Transfer Unit

Replacing the Waste Toner Bottle

Replacing the Maintenance Kit

Before Replacing

Replacing the Friction Pad

Replacing the Paper Feed Roller

Replacing the Transfer Roller

Replacing the Fusing Unit

Replacing the Dustproof Filter

Cleaning the Printer

Cautions When Cleaning

Cleaning the Friction Pads

Cleaning the Paper Feed Roller

Cleaning the Registration Roller

Adjusting the Printer

Adjusting the Color Registration

Correcting the Color Gradation

Setting the Gradation Correction Value

Viewing the Color Calibration Sample Sheet and Gradation Correction Sheet

Resetting the Gradation Correction Value to the Initial Value

Adjusting Printing Position

Adjusting the Paper Type


Error and Status Messages Appears on the Control Panel

Panel Tones

Printer Does Not Print

Checking the Port Connection

Printing Problems

Additional Troubleshooting

Removing Misfed Paper

Removing Misfed Paper

Paper Misfeed Message (A)

Paper Misfeed Message (Z)


Moving and Transporting the Printer

Moving the Printer



Waste Toner Bottle

Photo Conductor Unit

Intermediate Transfer Unit

Maintenance Kit

Feed Roller Kit