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Manuals for This Machine



How to Read This Manual


Machine Types


Names of Major Items

List of Options

Laws and Regulations

Legal Prohibition

Model-Specific Information

Display Panel

Simplified Display

Placing Originals


Sizes and Weights of Recommended Originals

Sizes Selectable as Regular Size Originals

Missing Image Area

Placing Originals

Original Orientation

Left Original Beeper

Placing Originals on the Exposure Glass

Placing Originals in the Auto Document Feeder

Batch Mode


Specifying Original Sizes

Basic Copying

Basic Procedure

Interrupt Copy

Auto Start

Job Preset

Copying onto Envelopes from Trays 1 - 4

Copying from the Bypass Tray

Copying onto Regular Size Paper

Copying onto Custom Size Paper

Copying onto OHP Transparencies or Thin Paper

Copying onto Thick Paper

Copying onto Envelopes from the Bypass Tray

Reducing or Enlarging Originals

Preset Reduce/Enlarge


Auto Reduce / Enlarge

Duplex Copying

Originals and Copy Orientation

Combined Copying

One-Sided Combine

Two-Sided Combine



Stack (Type 3 Only)

Staple (Type 3 Only)

Storing Data in the Document Server

Managing Jobs

Job List Screen

Checking Jobs in the Job List

Changing the Order of Jobs

Holding Jobs

Deleting Jobs

Checking the Job History

Registering Frequently Used Functions

Registering Functions in a Program

Changing a Stored Program

Recalling a Stored Program

Deleting a Stored Program

Changing the Default Functions of the Copy's Initial Display

Advanced Copying

Adjusting Copy Image Density

Auto Image Density

Manual Image Density

Combined Auto and Manual Image Density

Image Adjustment

Sharp / Soft


Background Density

Text / Photo Sensitivity

Selecting the Original Type

Selecting Copy Paper

Advanced Reduce/Enlarge Copying

Size Magnification

Directional Magnification (%)

Directional Size Magnification (mm) Region A icon(mainly Europe and Asia)

Directional Size Magnification (inch) Region B icon(mainly North America)

Create Margin


Background Numbering

Preset Stamp

User Stamp

Date Stamp

Page Numbering

Advanced Copier Functions

Margin Adjustment

Erase Centre / Border

Image Repeat


Series Copies





Slip Sheet

Document Server

Relationship between Document Server and Other Functions

Document Server Display

Simplified Display

Preview Display

Using the Document Server

Storing Data

Changing the User Name of a Stored Document

Changing the File Name of a Stored Document

Changing the Password of a Stored Document

Checking the Details of a Stored Document

Searching for Stored Documents

Printing Stored Documents

Deleting a Stored Document

Displaying Stored Documents with Web Image Monitor

Downloading Stored Documents with Web Image Monitor

Registering Frequently Used Functions for Printing Stored Documents from the Document Server

Changing the Default Functions of the Document Server's Initial Display

Copier and Document Server Features

Accessing User Tools

Changing Default Settings

Quitting User Tools

General Features

Reproduction Ratio



Background Numbering

Preset Stamp

User Stamp

Date Stamp

Page Numbering

Input / Output

Administrator Tools


Function Compatibility