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Editing Jobs

Changing Page Layouts

Moving/Copying/Deleting Pages

Inserting Blank Pages

Inserting Other Documents

Editing Chapters

Using Other Programs with this Application

Editing Originals

Straightening Skewed Pages

Removing Noise from Documents

Removing Edge Shadows from Documents (Erase Border)

Removing Center Shadows from Book Sources (Erase Center)

Moving a Selected Area

Rotating Pages

Changing the Size of Pages

Filling a Specified Area

Inserting Text

Inserting Images

Editing Objects

Applying Edits to Multiple Pages

Registering and Applying Image Overlays

Paper and Imposition/Finishing Settings

Imposition Settings

Selecting the Paper Type for the Entire Job

Finishing Settings

Adding Pagination (Page Numbering)

Adding a Header and/or Footer

Adding Cover Sheets

Inserting Pages at Chapter Breaks

Inserting Tab Stock

Inserting Slip Sheets

Setting Text and Images to Print on Tabs

Applying Separate Settings to a Specified Sheet (Exception Setting)

Output Settings

Outputting to TotalFlow PM