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Finishing Settings

You can specify the finishing options for binding printed documents.


  • You can not specify finishing functions that are not available on your printer.

  • Even if a function is available on your printer, if the values you specify in these settings do not match those set on the printer exactly, an error will occur on your printer.

  • If you are mixing paper sizes and specifying finishing settings, use the following pairings of paper sizes. You cannot specify finishing settings for pairings other than these.

    • A3 (297 × 420 mm) and A4 (210 × 297 mm)

    • B4 JIS (257 × 364 mm) and B5 JIS (182 × 257 mm)

    • 11 × 17 inch and Letter (8.5 × 11)

    • 8K (267 × 390 mm) and 16K (195 × 267 mm)

To specify finishing settings

1On the [Paper/Imposition/Finishing] screen, click [Finishing] to open the settings pane.

Application screen illustration

2Select the finishing settings you require, then specify each setting, and then click [OK].

For details about a specific setting, click the Icon illustration button to display the on-screen balloon help.

Finishing settings you can specify

  • Printing collated documents (sorted printing)

  • Stapling the printed document

  • Punching holes in the printed document

  • Folding printed pages

  • Ring binding

  • Perfect binding

  • Trimming