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Imposition Settings

You can configure the imposition settings for all the pages in a job.

“Imposition” refers to the placing of pages according to where you expect them to be in the final product. Configuring imposition can increase efficiency when printing multiple pages.

To configure imposition settings

1On the [Paper/Imposition/Finishing] screen, click [Imposition/PaperType].

Application screen

2On the [Imposition/Paper Type Settings] screen, specify the settings.

For details about a specific setting, click the Icon illustration button to display the on-screen balloon help.

Imposition/Paper Type Settings screen

Application screen numbered callout illustration

  1. Imposition type

    You can select from normal, mini book, mini book double, magazine, magazine double, speed, and double.

    To specify combine, custom, or repeat, select [Normal].

  2. Settings for imposition types

    The settings you can specify vary depending on the selected imposition type.

    If you select [Normal] for [Imposition type], tabs will appear for [Layout], [Custom], and [Image Repeat].

    Click the tabs for Combine/Custom/Image Repeat to specify those settings.

  3. Presets

    You can register frequently used imposition settings as a “Preset” and then apply them by selecting them from a drop-down list.