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Changing Page Layouts

You can change the layout of a document's pages.

On the job edit screen, click [Edit Page Order/Layout], and then change the page layout using the screen that appears (shown below).

Edit Page Order/Layout screen

Application screen numbered callout illustration

  1. Toolbar

    The buttons displayed here can be used to make changes to the document.

    Click the Icon illustration [Undo] or Icon illustration [Redo] button to undo or redo a change made on this screen.

  2. Settings area

    When you click a function button on the Toolbar, the settings for that function will appear here.

  3. Page List

    The following settings for each page are displayed here:

    • Chapter, page number

    • Original Type (Icon illustration [Object PDF]/Icon illustration [Image PDF])

    • Color / Black and White (Icon illustration [Color]/Icon illustration [Gray scale]/Icon illustration [Black&white])

    • Original Size

    You can enable/disable display of the Page List by clickingIcon illustration , [Close Page List]/Icon illustration [Open Page List].

  4. View

    Document pages are displayed here as a list of thumbnails or icons.

  5. Change View

    Use this to switch the display between thumbnails and icons.

  6. Enlarge/Reduce Adjustment

    You can enlarge or reduce the size of the displayed thumbnails or icons.

  7. [Zoom]/[Thumbnails] button

    Use this to switch the display between a single page and thumbnails.

  8. Split Window (Full Window/Split Vertically/Split Horizontally)

    You can split the view area.

    For large documents with many pages, splitting the window allows you to edit and organize pages more effectively.

Functions of the [Edit Page Order/Layout] screen

  • Move/copy/delete pages

  • Insert blank pages

  • Insert other documents

  • Set chapters (creating chapter breaks, changing chapter names/pages, deleting chapters)

  • Use other programs with this application


  • Apart from the Toolbar, the [Edit] menu and the right-click menu also allow access to the functions of the [Edit Page Order/Layout] screen.