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Outputting to TotalFlow PM

Use the following procedure to send jobs to TotalFlow PM for outputting. This procedure can be used only if TotalFlow PM is available on your system.

1Register a printer for outputting to TotalFlow PM.

On the [Add/Edit Custom Printer Settings] screen, specify [To TotalFlow PM] in [Data output mode:]. For details about registering a printer, see Registering a Printer.

2Create a job, and then open the job edit screen.

For details about creating a job, see Preparing Jobs.

3In the [Printer:] drop-down list, select the printer you registered in Step 1 for outputting to TotalFlow PM.


4Edit the job.

For details about editing a job, see Editing Jobs.

5On the [Output Type/Settings] screen, select an option for [Print mode:].


To delay the printing of a job after sending it to TotalFlow PM, select [Hold print].

6Click sb0004n, the [Start Printing] button.