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How to Read This Manual


About IP Address

Model-Specific Information

Manuals for This Printer

List of Option

Preparing for Printing

Confirming the Connection Method

Network Connection

USB Connection

Configuring Option and Paper Settings

Setting Up the Printer Driver

Accessing the Printer Properties

Windows XP and Windows Server 2003/2003 R2 - Making Printer Settings

Windows Vista/7 and Windows Server 2008/2008 R2 - Making Printer Settings

Other Print Operations

Restricting Printing Function According to User

Enabling the User Restriction Settings

When Printing Function is Restricted

Printing Confidential Documents

Storing a Locked Print File

Printing a Locked Print File

Deleting a Locked Print File

Checking which Locked Print File Jobs Have Been Canceled

Combining Multiple Pages into Single Page

Types of Combine Printing



Saving on Toner When Printing


Manual Duplex

Printing on Custom Size Paper

If a Paper Mismatch Occurs

Performing Form Feed

Canceling a Print Job

Canceling a Print Job

Canceling a Print Job Using the Control Panel

Windows - Canceling a Print Job from the Computer

Making Printer Settings Using the Control Panel

Menu Chart

Paper Input Menu

Changing the Paper Input Menu

Paper Input Menu Parameters

List/Test Print Menu

Printing the Configuration Page

List/Test Print Menu Parameters

System Menu

Changing the System Menu

System Menu Parameters

Maintenance Menu

Maintenance Menu Parameters

Host Interface Menu

Changing the Host Interface Menu

Host Interface Menu Parameters

PCL Menu

Changing the PCL Menu

PCL Menu Parameters

PS Menu

Changing the PS Menu

PS Menu Parameters

Language Menu

Changing the Language Menu

Language Menu Parameters

Monitoring and Configuring the Printer

Using Web Image Monitor

Displaying Top Page

Displaying Top Page of Web Image Monitor

Top Page

Changing the Interface Language

Checking the System Information

Checking the Status Information

Checking the Counter Information

Checking the Machine Information

Configuring the System Settings

Configuring the Paper Settings

Configuring I/O Timeout Settings

Restricting Printing Function According to User

Configuring the Network Settings

Checking the Network Status

Configuring the IPv6 Settings

Configuring the Network Application Settings

Configuring the DNS Settings

Configuring the Auto E-mail Notification Settings

Configuring the SNMP Settings

Configuring the SMTP Settings

Configuring the POP3 Settings

Configuring the IPsec Settings

Configuring the IPsec Global Settings

Configuring the IPsec Policy

Printing Lists/Reports

Configuring the Administrator Settings

Configuring the Administrator Password

Resetting the Printer's Settings

Backing Up the Printer's Settings

Restoring the Printer's Settings from a Backup File

Configuring Help Source File Setting

Displaying Web Image Monitor Help

Printer Status Notification by E-Mail

Mail Authentication


Reading the Configuration Page

Using a Print Server

Preparing Print Server

Special Operations under Windows

Printing Files Directly from Windows


Using a Host Name Instead of an IPv4 Address

Printing Commands

Mac OS X Configuration

Setting Up the PPD File

Setting Up Options

Setting Up for Printing

Making Paper Settings from an Application

Printing from an Application

Canceling a Print Job from the Computer

Using PostScript 3


Functions and Network Settings Available in an IPv6 Environment

Available Functions

Transmission Using IPsec

Encryption and Authentication by IPsec

Security Association

Encryption Key Exchange Settings Configuration Flow

Specifying Encryption Key Exchange Settings

Specifying IPsec Settings on the Computer

Enabling and Disabling IPsec Using the Control Panel

Cautions to Take When Using in a Network

Using DHCP

When Using Windows Terminal Service/MetaFrame

Operating Environment

Supported Printer Drivers


Copyright Information about Installed Applications



OpenLDAP 2.1

OpenSSL 0.9.8g