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Using imposition to reduce printing time and costs (Speed)

"Speed" is an imposition style in which two pages are arranged and printed on each side of a sheet.

The printed sheets are then stacked and cut down the center to make the final document.

As multiple pages are created per cut sheet, printing time and costs can be reduced.

Specify this setting on the [Imposition/Paper Type Settings] screen.

Note that this explanation outlines the imposition and finishing settings. For details about a specific setting, see the on-screen balloon help that appears when you click the Icon illustration button.


  • For details about displaying the [Imposition/Paper Type Settings] screen, see Imposition Settings.

Speed (no rotation)

Illustration of speed (no rotation)

Speed (with rotation)

One of the two pages to be arranged on each side of a sheet is rotated.

The printed sheets are cut, and then the cut edges are aligned.

Illustration of speed (with rotation)