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Paper Specifications and Adding Paper

Placing Originals

Recommended Original Sizes and Weights

Sizes Detectable with Auto Paper Select

Placing Originals on the Exposure Glass

Placing Originals in the Auto Document Feeder

Loading Paper

Precautions for Loading Paper

Loading Paper into Tray 1

Loading Paper into the A3/11 × 17 Tray Unit

Loading Paper into Trays 2 and 3

Loading Paper into the Bypass Tray

Loading Paper into the Large Capacity Tray

Loading Paper into the Interposer

Loading Orientation-fixed Paper or Two-sided Paper

Changing the Paper Size

Precautions for Changing the Paper Size

Changing the Paper Size in Trays 2 and 3

Changing to a Size That Is Not Automatically Detected

Printing from the Bypass Tray Using the Printer Function

Recommended Paper

Recommended Paper Sizes and Types

Unusable Paper

Paper Storage