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Basic Copying

Basic Procedure

Interrupt Copy

Auto Start

Job Preset

Copying from the Bypass Tray

Copying onto Regular Size Paper

Copying onto Custom Size Paper

Copying onto OHP Transparencies or Thin Paper

Copying onto Thick Paper

Copying onto Envelopes from the Bypass Tray

Copying onto Envelopes from the Small Size Paper Tray

Reducing or Enlarging Originals

Preset Reduce / Enlarge


Auto Reduce / Enlarge

Duplex Copying

Originals and Copy Orientation

Combined Copying

One-Sided Combine

Two-Sided Combine






Storing Data in the Document Server

Managing Jobs

Job List Screen

Checking Jobs in the Job List

Changing the Order of Jobs

Holding Jobs

Deleting Jobs

Checking the Job History

Registering Frequently Used Functions

Registering Functions in a Program

Changing a Stored Program

Recalling a Stored Program

Deleting a Stored Program

Changing the Default Functions of the Copy's Initial Display