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Changing the Default Functions of the Copy's Initial Display

You can configure the settings of the initial screen so that the default display contains the functions you use most often.

For example: if the default selection is the Duplex function, but the function you use most frequently is 1-sided copying, you can change the default selection to 1-sided copying instead.

The settings you can register as defaults are Color Mode, Paper Tray, Original Type, Density, Special Original, Original Orientation, Cover/Slip Sheet, Edit / Color, Dup./Combine/Series, Reduce / Enlarge, Finishing, Store File, and number of copies.

1Specify scan settings and any other settings you require on the initial display.

2Press the [Program] key.

Program key illustration

3Press [Program as Defaults].

Operation panel screen illustration

4Press [Program].

Operation panel screen illustration

5When a confirmation dialog appears, press [Yes].

The current settings are programmed as defaults. The screen returns to the initial display.


  • To restore the factory default settings on the initial display, press [Restore Factory Defaults].

  • The default settings can be programmed separately for the normal screen and simplified display screens.