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Auto Reduce / Enlarge

The machine automatically detects the original size and then selects an appropriate reproduction ratio based on the paper size you select.

Illustration of Auto Reduce/Enlarge


  • You cannot use the bypass tray with this function.

  • If you select a reproduction ratio after pressing [Auto Reduce / Enlarge], [Auto Reduce / Enlarge] is canceled and the image cannot be rotated automatically.

This is useful to copy different size originals to the same size paper.

If the orientation in which your original is placed is different from that of the paper you are copying onto, the machine rotates the original image by 90 degrees and fits it on the copy paper (Rotate Copy). For example, to reduce A3 (11 × 17)Landscape originals to fit onto A4 (81/2 × 11)Portrait paper, select a paper tray containing A4 (81/2 × 11)Portrait paper, and then press [Auto Reduce / Enlarge]. The image is automatically rotated.

Illustration of Auto Reduce/Enlarge

For details about Rotate Copy, see “Rotate copy”.

The original sizes and orientations you can use with this function are as follows:

Original location

Original size and orientation

Exposure glass

11 × 17Landscape, 81/2 × 14Landscape, 81/2 × 11PortraitLandscape, 51/2 × 81/2Portrait


11 × 17Landscape, 81/2 × 14Landscape, 81/2 × 11PortraitLandscape, 51/2 × 81/2PortraitLandscape, 10 × 14Landscape, 71/4 × 101/2Landscape, A3Landscape, A4PortraitLandscape

1Press [Auto Reduce / Enlarge].

Operation panel screen illustration

2Select the paper size.

3Place the originals, and then press the [Start] key.


  • You can place originals of different sizes in the ADF at once.

  • The machine selects reproduction ratios of between 25 and 400%.