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Combined Copying

This section describes how to make combined copies.


  • When placing originals on the exposure glass, start with the first page to be copied. When placing originals in the ADF, set the first page on top.

  • When placing originals on the exposure glass or in the ADF using the Batch function, press the [Sharp] key after all the originals have been scanned.

  • If you selected [2 Sided] for Original or [Combine 2 Sides] for Copy, you can change the orientation. See “Originals and Copy Orientation”.

  • You can change the initial settings for 1-Sided Combine or 2-Sided Combine under Edit in User Tools. For details, see “Edit”.

  • In this mode, the machine selects the reproduction ratio automatically. This reproduction ratio depends on copy paper sizes and the number of originals.

  • The machine selects reproduction ratios of between 25 and 400%.

  • If the calculated ratio is under the minimum ratio, it is automatically adjusted to within available range. However, with some ratios, parts of the image might not be copied.

  • If the orientation of originals is different from that of the copy paper, the machine will automatically rotate the image by 90 degrees to make copies properly.

  • If the number of originals placed is less than the number specified for combining, the last page segment is left blank as shown.

    Illustration of Combine