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Interrupt Copy

Use this function if you want to interrupt a long copy job to make urgently needed copies.


  • You cannot use the Interrupt Copy function when fax originals are being scanned or the scanner function is being used.

  • You cannot use the Staple function with this function if another copy job is already using the Staple function.

1Press the [Interrupt] key.

Interrupt key illustration

The interrupt key indicator lights. The machine stops scanning.

Operation panel screen illustration

2Remove the originals that were being copied.

3Place the originals you want to copy.

4Press the [Start] key.

The machine starts making copies.

5When copying is complete, remove the originals and copies.

6Press the [Interrupt] key again.

The interrupt key indicator goes off.

7Replace the originals that you were copying, and then press the [Start] key.

Following the instructions on the display.


  • The previous copy job settings are restored. Simply press the [Start] key to continue copying from where it left off.