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Transmission Modes

Selecting Type of Transmission

Memory Transmission

Immediate Transmission

Displaying Confirmation of Transmission

IP-Fax Functions


Notes on Using IP-Fax

Functions Not Available for IP-Fax Transmission

Internet Fax Functions

Notes on Using Internet Fax

Functions Not Available by Internet Fax Transmission

Functions Not Available by Internet Fax Reception

T.37 Full Mode

E-mail Encryption

Sending to E-mail/Folder Destinations

Functions Not Available for E-mail Transmission

Functions Not Available for Folder Transmission

E-mail Encryption

Placing Originals

Setting the Original Orientation

Scanning Two-Sided Originals

Acceptable Original Sizes

Paper Size and Scanned Area

Types of Original whose Sizes are Difficult to Detect

Transmission with Image Rotation


Checking the Content of a Scanned Original (Preview Before Transmission)

Scan Settings

Scan Type


Scan Size

Density (Contrast)

Mixing Scan Settings for a Multiple Page Original

Changing the Line Port

Simultaneous Broadcast Using Multiple Line Ports

Specifying a Destination

Sending over a Fax Line

Sending by IP-Fax

Sending by Internet Fax

Sending an E-mail

Sending to Folder Destinations

Using the Address Book to Specify Destinations

Specifying Group Destinations

International TX Mode

Selecting Destinations from Recent Destinations

Programming Destinations in the Address Book

Registering a Fax Destination

Changing a Fax Destination

Deleting a Fax Destination

Registering Entered Destinations to the Address Book

Searching for a Destination in the Address Book

Search by Destination Name

Search by Fax Number/IP-Fax Destination

Search by Internet Fax Destination

Search by E-mail Destination

Search by Folder Destination

Search Using Advanced Search

Search by Registration Number

On Hook Dial

Manual Dial

Sender Settings

Advanced Features

Setting SUB Codes for Transmission

Setting SEP Codes for Reception

SEP Code RX Reserve Report

SEP Code RX Result Report

Canceling a Transmission

Before the Original Is Scanned

While the Original Is Being Scanned

While the Original Is Being Transmitted

Before the Transmission Is Started

Confirming a Transmission

Checking the Storage Result (Memory Storage Report)

Setting Transmission Function Defaults