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Storing Documents whose Printing Has Been Canceled Due to Errors

A document is automatically stored in the machine if a print job is suspended due to an error. Despite this error, the next document can be printed. This function can be used for Normal Print, Sample Print, and Stored Print files. The job type can be specified in the "Job Type:" list of the printer driver. For details, see Storing Documents in the Hard Disk Drive and Printing them.

Printing of the document that is stored in the machine can be resumed by operating the control panel. For details, see Printing of Documents Stored When Print Configuration Errors Occur.


  • A document is automatically stored when a print job is canceled because of errors related to print settings as follows:

    • The paper that matches the size and type specified when printing has run out.

    • The specified tray is not installed on the machine.

    • The paper size and type settings configured using the printer driver or commands do not match the settings of the machine's trays.

    • When staples have run out.

    • When the waste staple receptacle is full.

    • When the hole punch receptacle is full.

  • Up to 200 documents each of which contains 2,000 pages at maximum can be stored automatically in the machine.

1Press the [User Tools/Counter] key.

User Tools/Counter key illustration

2Press [Printer Features].

3Press the [System] tab.

4Press [Store and Skip Errored Job].

5Press [On].

6Specify the number of pages to be checked for errors, if necessary.

7Press [OK].

8Press the [User Tools/Counter] key.


  • For details about the items that can be configured, see System.

  • The storage method differs depending on the type of the specified document.