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Storing Documents in the Hard Disk Drive and Printing them

You can store a document on the hard disk of the printer by printing the document using the printer driver. It can be printed or deleted from the control panel later.


  • Documents will not be stored in the following cases: (Note: Documents that are not stored can be viewed in the error log.)

    • The number of print data stored in the printer has reached 2,000 (It may be fewer depending on the print data).

    • The number of pages in a document exceeds 2,000.

    • The total number of stored pages in the machine and the sent data has reached 9,000 (It may be fewer depending on the print data).

  • Applications with their own drivers, such as PageMaker, do not support this function.

The following print functions can be used with this function:


  • Even after you turn off the machine, stored documents in the machine remain. However, the [Auto Delete Temporary Print Jobs] or [Auto Delete Stored Print Jobs] settings are applied first. For details about the auto delete settings, see Maintenance.