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Printing of Documents Stored When Print Configuration Errors Occur

If the document has been stored by [Store and Skip Errored Job] in [System] under [Printer Features], print the document using the control panel.

For details about [Store and Skip Errored Job], see Storing Documents whose Printing Has Been Canceled Due to Errors.

1Press the [Home] key on the top left of the control panel, and press the [Printer] icon on the [Home] screen.

Home key illustration

2Press the [Print Jobs] tab.

Operation panel screen illustration

3Select the job type to print.

4Select the files you want to print.

You can simultaneously select all files of the same type by pressing [Select All Jobs] after selecting a file.

5Press [Print].

If you set the password in the printer driver, enter the password.

If multiple print files are selected, and some of these require a password, the machine prints files that correspond to the entered password and files that do not require a password. The number of files to be printed is displayed on the confirmation screen.

6Enter the number of copies using the number keys if necessary, and then press [Print].


  • If you change the number of copies when multiple documents are selected, the newly specified number of copies will be printed for all of the selected documents. If you do not change the number, the number of copies specified when the documents were stored will be printed for each document.

  • To stop printing after printing has started, press [Exit] until the printer screen appears, and then press [Job Reset] or the [Stop] key. A Stored Print file is not deleted even if [Job Reset] is pressed.

  • You can also print a file from Web Image Monitor. For details, see Web Image Monitor Help.