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Types of Reception

Immediate Reception

Memory Reception

Substitute Reception

Reception Modes

Manual Reception

Auto Reception

Receiving E-mail by Internet Fax/Mail to Print

Auto E-mail Reception

Manual E-mail Reception

Images of E-mail Received on a Computer

Functions Not Available for Internet Fax/Mail to Print Reception

Reception Functions

Routing Received Documents

Transferring Received Documents

Forwarding Received Documents

SMTP Reception of E-mail

JBIG Reception

Auto Fax Reception Power-Up

Printing Options

Print Completion Beep

Checkered Mark

Centre Mark

Reception Time

Two-Sided Printing

Multi-Copy Reception

Image Rotation

Combine Two Originals

Page Separation and Length Reduction

Page Reduction

TSI Print (Transmitting Subscriber Identification Print)

If There Is No Paper of the Correct Size

Where Incoming Documents Are Delivered - Output Tray

Specifying Tray for Lines

Tray Shift