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On Hook Dial

The On Hook Dial function allows you to dial while listening to the tone from the internal speaker.

You can send a fax checking the connection.


  • This function is not available for Internet Fax, IP-Fax, and transmission to e-mail/folder destinations.

1Place the original, and then select the scan settings you require.

2Press [On Hook].

Operation panel screen illustration

You will hear a low tone from the internal speaker.

If you want to cancel this operation, press [On Hook] again.


Operation panel screen illustration

The machine immediately dials the destination.

If you make a mistake, press [On Hook] or the [Clear Modes] key, and then try again.

4When the line is connected and you hear a high-pitched tone, press the [Start] key.

Transmission starts.

If you want to cancel a transmission, press the [Clear/Stop] key, and then remove the originals.

After transmission, the standby display appears.


  • This function is unavailable in some countries.

  • To select a destination from the Address Book, see “Using the Address Book to Specify Destinations”.

  • Press [Vol...] to display the Adjust Sound Volume screen, and then press [Louder] or [Lower] to adjust the volume of the on-hook sound. The volume can also be preprogrammed in the Facsimile Features menu.

  • If you have the optional handset or an external telephone on the fax machine, you can speak with the other party when you hear a voice. If you hear a voice before pressing the [Start] key, pick up the optional handset or the external telephone and tell the receiver you want to send a fax document (ask them to switch to facsimile mode).

  • The Facsimile Features menu contains the On Hook Mode Release Time setting, which allows you to specify the time after which On Hook mode is deactivated. See “General Settings”.