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Manual Dial

Pick up the optional handset or the hand set of the external telephone and dial. If you hear a voice at the other end, continue conversation as normal.


  • The optional handset or an external telephone is required.

  • This function is not available for Internet Fax, IP-Fax, and transmission to e-mail/folder destinations.

1Place the original, and then select the scan settings you require.

2Pick up the handset.

You will hear a dial tone.


Operation panel screen illustration

The machine immediately dials the destination.

If you make a mistake, replace the handset, and then try again from step 2.

4When the line is connected and you hear a high-pitched tone, press the [Start] key to send your fax document.

If you hear a voice, tell the receiver that you want to send them a fax document (ask them to switch to facsimile mode).

Transmission starts.

5Replace the handset.

If you want to cancel a transmission, press the [Clear/Stop] key, and then remove the originals.

After transmission, the standby display appears.


  • To select a destination from the Address Book, see “Using the Address Book to Specify Destinations”.

  • When the operation switch is off, even if the main power switch is on, you cannot operate this machine using only the optional handset or the external telephone. You must first press the operation switch to turn on the machine.