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General Settings

This section describes the user tools in the General Settings menu under Facsimile Features.

Quick Operation Key (1-3)

Frequently used functions programmed as Quick Operation keys are shown on the menu immediately after the power is turned on.

If [On] is selected, the Quick Operation keys can be programmed with the following items:

  • On

    • Manual E-mail RX

    • Send Later

    • Subject

    • Text

    • Recept. Notice

    • E-mail TX Results

    • BCC Transmission

    • Std. Message

    • Fax Header Print

    • Label Insertion

    • Closed Network

    • SUB Code TX

    • SEP Code Reception

    • Stamp

    • Print Memory Lock

    • TX File Status

    • RX File Status

    • Journal

    • Print Stored RX File

    • TX Status Report

    • Forwarding

    • Switch RX Mode

  • Off

Up to three functions can be programmed to Quick Operation keys.

Functions that are highlighted have already been set.

Default for Quick Operation Key 1: [No] (not programmed)

Default for Quick Operation Key 2: [TX File Status]

Default for Quick Operation Key 3: [RX File Status]

Switch Title

Select the title to be shown on the destination list.

Default: [Title 1]

Search Destination

Select a destination list to be used in “Search Destination”.

You can select from the Address Book, or a registered LDAP Server.

To search from an LDAP server, it is necessary to register the LDAP server in [System Settings] and set [LDAP Search] to [On].

Default: [Address Book]

For details about “LDAP Search”, see “Administrator Tools”, Network and System Settings Reference.

Communication Page Count

Checks the transmission and reception, and totals on the display.

  • Pages Sent:

    Total number of transmitted pages

  • Pages Received:

    Total number of received pages

  1. Press [Facsimile Features].

  2. Press [General Settings].

  3. Press [Communication Page Count].

  4. After checking the display, press [Exit].

  5. Press the [User Tools/Counter] key.

Adjust Sound Volume

Adjust the sound volume during On Hook Mode and Immediate Transmission.

Default: [level 2]

Box Setting

The following functions are for delivery and transfer of documents:

  • Personal Box

  • Information Box

  • Transfer Box

For details about Box Setting, see “Box Settings”.

Box Setting: Print List

You can print a list of the currently registered Personal Boxes, Information Boxes, and Transfer Boxes.

On Hook Mode Release Time

Use this function to specify a time to cancel On Hook mode after you transmit using On Hook dialing.

Default: [3 minutes]

Delete Recent Destinations

You can delete destinations stored in “Recent Destinations”.

When you press [Delete Recent Destinations], a confirmation message appears. To delete the recent destinations, select [Delete].