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Search by Registration Number

This section explains how to search for a destination by specifying a registration number stored in the destination list.

1Press the transmission type tab to switch the transmission type to fax/IP-Fax, Internet Fax, e-mail, or folder.

Operation panel screen illustration

2Press [Reg. No.].

The registration number entry display appears.

3Enter a registration number using the number keys, and then press [Operation key].

Operation panel screen illustration

While usually a registration number is displayed in the five-digit format, you do not need to enter the first zeros of a registration number.

If you make a mistake, press [Clear] before pressing [Operation key], and then try again.

4Press [OK].

Operation panel screen illustration

The corresponding destination appears.

Operation panel screen illustration


  • If the “Cannot find the specified Registration No.” message appears, the specified registration number or selected type of transmission is wrong or does not exist. Press [Exit], check the registration number again, and then follow the procedure from step 1 or 3.