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Manuals for This Machine



How to Read This Manual



Laws and Regulations

Legal Prohibition

Model-Specific Information

Preparing the Machine

Confirming the Connection Method

Network Connection

Local Connection

Installing the Printer Driver

Quick Install

Installing the Printer Driver for the Selected Port

Using the SmartDeviceMonitor for Client Port

Using the Standard TCP/IP Port

Using the LPR Port

Using the WSD Port

Using as a Windows Network Printer

Using as a NetWare Print Server/Remote Printer

Form Feed

Banner Page

Printing after Resetting the Printer

Installing the Printer Driver Using USB

Windows 2000 - USB

Windows XP, Windows Server 2003/2003 R2 - USB

Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 - USB

Printing with Parallel Connection

Making Option Settings for the Printer

Conditions for Bidirectional Communication

If Bidirectional Communication Is Disabled

Installing Font Manager

Using Adobe PageMaker Version 6.0, 6.5, or 7.0

Printing Documents

Two Dialog Box Types

Displaying the Printer Driver Settings Screen

Making Printer Default Settings - the Printer Properties

Making Printer Default Settings - Printing Preferences

Making Printer Settings from an Application

Setting Paper on the Bypass Tray

Setting the Paper Size Using the Control Panel

Setting Custom Size Paper Using the Control Panel

Setting Thick Paper or OHP Transparencies Using the Control Panel

Printing on Orientation-Fixed or Two-Sided Paper

Frequently Used Print Methods

Standard Printing

Printing on Both Sides of Sheets

Combining Multiple Pages into Single Page

Printing with Watermark/Overlay

Using Custom Settings

Advanced Printing

Settings That Can Be Changed on Each Tab

Printing a Document Using an Imposition Method





Cover Sheet


Slip Sheets

Spool Printing

If Error Occurs with the Specified Paper Size and Type

Printing from a Selected Tray

Canceling a Print Job

Registering Classification Codes

Configuring Classification Codes

Specifying the Classification Code for a Print Job

Unauthorized Copy Control

Opening the Unauthorized Copy Control Window

Using [Data security for copying]

Using [Mask type:]

Important Notice

User Defined Pages

Printing Stored Documents

Display Panel

Initial Display

Simplified Display

Using the Print Job Function

Selecting the Initial Print Job List

Printing from the Print Job Screen

Sample Print

Locked Print

Hold Print

Stored Print

Printing from the Jobs Per User ID Screen

Printing the Selected Print Job

Printing All Print Jobs

Job List

Job List Screen

Checking Jobs in the Job List

Changing the Order of Jobs

Holding Jobs

Deleting Jobs

Checking the Job History

Canceling a Print Job

Canceling a Print Job Using the Control Panel

Windows - Canceling a Print Job from the computer

Checking the Error Log

Printing a PDF File Directly

Printing a PDF File Directly

Printing Method

Using DeskTopBinder Lite

PDF Direct Print Properties

Using UNIX Commands

Saving and Printing Using the Document Server

Accessing the Document Server

Printer Features

Accessing User Tools

Changing Default Settings

Quitting User Tools

List / Test Print

Printing the Configuration Page



Host Interface

PCL Menu

PS Menu

PDF Menu



Using the Virtual Printer

Adding a Virtual Printer

Changing a Virtual Printer Configuration

Confirming a Virtual Printer Configuration

Deleting a Virtual Printer

Printing Using a Virtual Printer