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Registering Addresses and Users for Facsimile/Scanner Functions

Address Book

Managing names in the Address Book

Sending fax by Quick Dial

Sending e-mail by Quick Dial

Sending received fax documents or scanned files to a shared folder directly

Preventing unauthorized user access to shared folders from the machine

Managing users and machine usage

Registering Names

Registering Names

Changing a Registered Name

Deleting a Registered Name

Authentication Information

Registering a User Code

Changing a User Code

Deleting a User Code

Displaying the Counter for Each User

Printing the Counter for Each User

Printing the Counter for All Users

Clearing the Number of Prints

Fax Destination

Registering a Fax Destination

Changing a Fax Destination

Deleting a Fax Destination

Registering an IP-Fax Destination

Changing a Registered IP-Fax Destination

Deleting a Registered IP-Fax Destination

E-mail Destination

Registering an E-mail Destination

Changing an E-mail Destination

Deleting an E-mail Destination

Registering Folders

Registering an SMB Folder

Changing an SMB Folder

Deleting an SMB registered folder

Registering an FTP Folder

Changing an FTP folder

Deleting an FTP folder

Registering an NCP folder

Changing an NCP registered folder

Deleting an NCP folder

Registering Names to a Group

Registering a Group

Registering Names to a Group

Adding a Group to Another Group

Displaying Names Registered in a Group

Removing a Name from a Group

Deleting a Group Within Another Group

Changing a Group Name

Deleting a Group

Registering a Protection Code

Registering a Protection Code to a Single User

Registering a Protection Code to a Group User

Registering SMTP and LDAP Authentication

SMTP Authentication

LDAP Authentication