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Deleting Stored Print files

1Press the [Home] key on the top left of the control panel, and press the [Printer] icon on the [Home] screen.

Home key illustration

2Press the [Print Jobs] tab.

Operation panel screen illustration

3Press [Stored Print Job].

4Select the files you want to delete.

You can select all the Stored Print files at once by pressing [Select All Jobs] after selecting a file.

5Press [Delete].

If you set the password in the printer driver, enter the password to delete.

If multiple print files are selected, and some of these require a password, the machine deletes files correspond to the entered password and files that do not require a password. The number of files to be deleted is displayed on the confirmation screen.

6Press [Yes].


  • You can also delete a Stored Print file from Web Image Monitor. For details, see Web Image Monitor Help.