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Printing Documents

Displaying the Printer Driver Settings Screen

Making printer default settings - the printer properties

Making printer default settings - printing preferences

Making printer settings from an application

Setting Paper on the Bypass Tray

Setting the Paper Size Using the Control Panel

Setting Custom Size Paper Using the Control Panel

Setting Thick Paper or OHP Transparencies Using the Control Panel

Setting Envelopes Using the Control Panel

Printing on Orientation-Fixed or Two-Sided Paper

Frequently Used Print Methods

Standard Printing

Printing on both sides of sheets

Combining Multiple Pages into Single Page

Using One Click Presets

Advanced Printing

Menu Names and Brief Overview of Each Function


If Error Occurs with the Specified Paper Size and Type

Printing from a Selected Tray

Canceling a Print Job

Spool Printing

Registering Classification Codes

Configuring Classification Codes

Specifying the Classification Code for a Print Job