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Placing Originals in the Auto Document Feeder

Place originals in the ADF.

Be sure not to block the sensor or load the original untidily. Doing so may cause the machine to detect the size of the original incorrectly or display a paper misfeed message. Also, be sure not to place originals or other objects on the top cover. Doing so may cause a malfunction.

ADF illustration numbered callout illustration

  1. Sensors

Settings should be made in the following situations:

When the number of originals placed in the ADF exceeds the limit:

See “Batch Mode”.

When placing originals one by one:

See “SADF Mode”.

When copying originals of various sizes:

See “Mixed Sizes Mode”.

1Adjust the document guide to the original size.

2Set the aligned originals face up into the ADF.

Do not stack originals beyond the limit mark.

The first page should be on the top.

ADF illustration numbered callout illustration

  1. Limit mark

  2. Document guide


  • For details about how to specify the original size, see “Specifying Original Sizes”.

  • Straighten curls in the originals before placing them in the ADF.

  • To prevent multiple sheets from being fed at once, fan the original before placing it in the ADF.

  • Set the original squarely.