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Mixed Sizes Mode

If you apply this mode, you can place originals of different sizes together in the ADF. The machine will automatically detect the size of each original and copy it accordingly.


  • When placing originals of different sizes in the ADF and making copies without using the Mixed Sizes mode, paper might become jammed or parts of the original image might not be copied.

The sizes of the originals that can be placed in this mode are as follows: 11 × 17Landscape, 81/2 × 14Landscape, 81/2 × 11PortraitLandscape, 10 × 14Landscape, 71/4 × 101/2Landscape, A3Landscape, A4PortraitLandscape

1Press [Special Original].

Operation panel screen illustration

2Select [Mixed Sizes], and then press [OK].

3Align the rear and left edges of the originals as shown in the illustration.

Illustration of Mixed Sizes

  1. Orientation in which original is fed

4Adjust the document guide to the widest original size.

5Place originals in the ADF.

6Press the [Start] key.


  • Since small originals may not be correctly aligned with the original guide, the copy image may be slanted.

  • You can place originals of two different sizes at a time.

  • Copying speed and scanning speed will be reduced.

  • The weight range for originals in the Mixed Sizes mode is 52 hyphen 105 g/m2 (14 hyphen 28 lb. Bond).

  • When using this function with 1 Sided 2 Sided mode, always ensure that the originals of each size are in even numbers. If you have an odd number of originals, insert blank sheets to adjust the total.

    Illustration of Mixed Sizes