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Placing Originals on the Exposure Glass

Place originals on the exposure glass.


  • Do not lift the ADF forcefully. Otherwise, the cover of the ADF might open or be damaged.

1Lift the ADF.

Be sure to lift the ADF by more than 30 degrees. Otherwise, the size of the original might not be detected correctly.

2Place the original face down on the exposure glass. The original should be aligned to the rear left corner.

Start with the first page to be copied.

Exposure glass illustration numbered callout illustration

  1. Positioning mark

3Lower the ADF.


  • When you place a thick book or three-dimensional original on the exposure glass and lower the ADF, the back side of the ADF rises up to accommodate the original. Keep your hands away from the hinges at the back of the ADF when you close it.

    Exposure glass illustration

  • When you lower the ADF, the exposure lamp lights and the machine detects the size of the original.

  • For details about how to specify the original size, see “Specifying Original Sizes”.

  • When the Sort, Combine, or 1 Sided 2 Sided function has been set, press the [Sharp] key after all originals have been scanned.