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Registering Addresses and Users for Facsimile/Scanner Functions

Address Book

Managing names in the Address Book

Sending fax by Quick Dial

Sending e-mail by Quick Dial

Sending received fax documents or scanned files to a shared folder directly

Preventing unauthorized user access to shared folders from the machine

Managing users and machine usage

Registering Names

Registering Names

Changing a Registered Name

Deleting a Registered Name

Authentication Information

Registering a User Code

Changing a User Code

Deleting a User Code

Displaying the Counter for Each User

Printing the Counter for Each User

Printing the Counter for All Users

Clearing the Number of Prints

Fax Destination

Fax Destination

IP-Fax Destination

E-mail Destination

Registering an E-mail Destination

Changing an E-mail Destination

Deleting an E-mail Destination

Registering Folders

Using SMB to Connect

Using FTP to Connect

Using NCP to Connect

Registering Names to a Group

Registering a Group

Adding a Group to Another Group

Displaying Names Registered in a Group

Removing a Name from a Group

Deleting a Group Within Another Group

Changing a Group Name

Deleting a Group

Registering a Protection Code

Registering a Protection Code to a Single User

Registering a Protection Code to a Group User

Registering SMTP and LDAP Authentication

SMTP Authentication

LDAP Authentication