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Tables for Paper Settings Conversion

This section explains the paper settings for this application and the type of paper for printing.

When you print a job, the paper settings specified in this application are converted to match the paper type of the printer to which the job is being output. Thus, depending on the printer, the same settings in this application can refer to different types of paper.

Use this information to configure the paper settings to match the printer to which you are outputting.

In the table, printers are classified into types A to G. For details about your printer’s type and for details about printers that are compatible with this application, see Readme.


  • Paper settings can be configured on the [Select Paper Type] screen, which is accessed by clicking [Paper Type] on the [Imposition/Paper Type Settings] screen. For details about how to display the [Imposition/Paper Type Settings] screen, see Imposition Settings.

  • For details about supported paper types, loading paper into the trays, and other information about paper types, see your printer’s documentation.

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