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Displaying Web Pages on the Display Panel (Browser Function)

Precautions for Using the Browser Function

Checking the Security of the Browser Function

Limitations of the Browser Function

Displaying Web Pages on the Display Panel

Changing the Display Settings of Web Pages

Specifying the Web Page that is Displayed First

Changing the Text Size

Changing the Character Code

Displaying the Address Bar and Horizontal Scroll Bar

Checking the Settings of the Browser Function

Specifying the Proxy Server

Managing Cookies

Displaying the Server Certificate

Specifying the Settings for Favorites

Registering Often Accessed Web Pages to Favorites

Accessing the Web Pages Registered as Favorites

Changing the Settings for Registered Favorite

Deleting Web Pages from Favorites

Importing the URLs of Web Pages

Exporting the URLs of Web Pages

Using the History Function

Reviewing Web Pages

Checking the Settings of Web Pages Displayed in the History

Deleting the History

Specifying the Duration for Keeping the History

Printing Web Pages on the Display Panel

Browser Features

Browser Default Settings

Settings per Users

View Logs