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Checking Machine Status and Settings

You can check the machine's system status.

Maintenance Info

You can check the following items under [Maintenance Info]:

  • [Remaining Toner]

    Displays the amount of remaining toner.

  • [No Staples]

    Displays whether there are staples remaining or not.

  • [Punch Receptacle Full]

    Displays whether the hole punch receptacle is full.

  • [Paper Tray]

    Displays the paper type and size loaded into the paper tray.

  • [Output Tray Full]

    Displays whether the output tray is overloaded.

  • [Original Misfeed]

    Displays the state of and solutions for original misfeeds.

  • [Paper Misfeed]

    Displays the state of and solutions for paper misfeeds.

  • [Cover Open]

    Indicates whether one or more covers of the machine are open.

Data Storage

You can check the following items under [Data Storage]:

  • [HDD Remaining Memory]

    Displays the amount of available hard disk memory.

  • [HDD File(s)]

    Displays the total number of jobs stored on the hard disk.

  • [Print Job(s)]

    Displays the number of jobs for "Hold Print Job(s):", "Stored Print Job(s):", "Locked Print Job(s):", and "Sample Print Job(s):".

  • [Fax TX / RX File(s)]

    Displays the number of "Transmission Standby File(s):", "Memory Lock File(s):", "RX Print Standby File(s):", and other files stored on the hard disk.

  • [Memory Erase Status]

    Displays the state of the memory data.

Machine Address Info

You can check the following items under [Machine Address Info]:

  • [Fax No.]

    Displays the machine's fax number.

  • [H.323 Own Fax No.]

    Displays the machine's alias telephone number.

  • [SIP User Name]

    Displays the machine's SIP user name.

  • [Fax E-mail Account]

    Displays the machine's fax e-mail account.

  • [Machine IPv4 Address]

    Displays the machine's IPv4 address.

  • [Machine IPv6 Address]

    Displays the machine's IPv6 address.


You can check the following items under [Inquiry]:

  • [Machine Repairs]

    Displays the machine number and contact number which are required for service.

  • [Sales Representative]

    Displays the sales representative's telephone number.

  • [Supply Order]

    Displays the contact number for placing supply orders.

  • [Supply Details]

    Displays the name of toner, staples, etc., used on the machine.

1On the control panel, press [System Status].

Operation panel screen illustration

2Press each tab, and then check the contents.

Operation panel screen illustration

3After checking the information, press [Exit].

Operation panel screen illustration

The previous screen returns.


  • [No Staples], [Punch Receptacle Full], [Output Tray Full], [Original Misfeed], [Paper Misfeed], and [Cover Open] appear on the [Maintenance Info] tab only when these errors occur.

  • Depending on the security settings, the [Machine Address Info] tab might not be displayed.

  • For details about how to locate and remove misfeeds, see "Removing Jammed Paper".