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Panel Tone

The following table describes the meaning of the various beep patterns that the machine produces to alert users about left originals and other machine conditions.

Beep pattern



Single short beep

Panel/screen input accepted.

A control panel or screen key was pressed.

Short, then long beep

Panel/screen input rejected.

An invalid key was pressed on the control panel or screen, or the entered password was incorrect.

Single long beep

Job completed successfully.

A Copier/Document Server Features job has finished.

Two long beeps

Machine has warmed up.

After cooling or being switched on, the machine has fully warmed up and is ready for use.

Five long beeps

Soft alert

An auto reset was performed through the simplified display of the Copier/Document Server function, the Facsimile function, or the Scanner function.

Five long beeps repeated four times.

Soft alert

An original has been left on the exposure glass or paper is empty.

Five short beeps repeated five times.

Strong alert

The machine requires user attention because paper has jammed, the toner needs replenishing, or other problems have occurred.


  • Users cannot mute the machine's beep alerts. When the machine beeps to alert users of a paper jam or toner request, if the machine's covers are opened and closed repeatedly within a short space of time, the beep alert might continue, even after normal status has resumed.

  • You can select to enable or disable beep alerts. For details about Panel Key Sound, see "General Features", Network and System Settings ReferenceIllustration indicating instructions stored on a CD-ROM.