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Removing Jammed Paper

This section describes how to locate and remove jammed paper.


  • The inside of the machine could be very hot. Do not touch the parts with a label indicating the "hot surface." Otherwise, an injury might occur.


  • Some of this machine's internal components get very hot. For this reason, take care when removing misfed paper. Not doing so could result in burns.


  • When clearing misfeeds, do not turn off the operation switch. If you do, your copy settings will be lost.

  • To prevent misfeeds, do not leave any torn scraps of paper inside the machine.

  • Contact your service representative if misfeeds occur frequently.

  • When removing jammed sheets, take care to touch only those areas explicitly indicated in the manual.

  • Do not remove the fusing unit. Doing so will result in loss of print quality.

  • If the error message remains displayed even after you remove misfed paper, open and close the front cover.


  • On top of the pulled out finisher, or inside the front cover, there is a sticker explaining how to remove misfed paper.

  • If a detailed removal instruction appears on the right of the screen, follow it.

  • You can also use the procedure indicated in [System Status] to remove jammed paper.