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Confirming/Printing/Deleting Received and Stored Documents

You can print documents that are received and stored on the hard disk. You can also delete unwanted documents.

Illustration of received and stored documents


  • Make the settings for received and stored documents in “Reception File Setting” in the Facsimile Features menu before using this function. For details about the setting, see “Reception File Setting”.


  • If you have selected to store received documents and specified an e-mail address for notification of receipt, fax reception notification can be sent to that e-mail address.

  • For the maximum number of received documents you can store on the machine's hard disk, see “Maximum Values”.

  • You can view and print received and stored documents using Web Image Monitor. For details, see “Viewing Fax Information Using a Web Browser”.

  • Control panel operations such as printing or deleting received documents, can be restricted. To do this, select “On” for the User Parameters (switch 10, bit 0) in Parameter Settings. After you do this, “Print / Delete Stored Reception File” will no longer be displayed on the screen, and received documents stored on the machine cannot be accessed using the control panel. For details about Parameter Settings, see “Parameter Settings”.

  • If user authentication is set on the machine, “Print / Delete Stored Reception File” is displayed only if the user who is logged on has been granted permission for these functions under “Stored Reception File User Setting” in the Facsimile Features menu logs on the machine. For details about these settings, see “Stored Reception File User Setting”.