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Confirming Received and Stored Documents

This section explains how to view documents stored on the hard disk.

1Press the [Change TX / Info].

Operation panel screen illustration

2Select [Print / Delete Stored Reception File].

3Select the document you want to confirm.

Press the Thumbnails key to switch the screen to thumbnail display.

4Press [Preview].

Operation panel screen illustration

5Check the preview.

Operation panel screen illustration

  • Press [Zoom Out] or [Zoom In] to reduce or enlarge the preview image.

  • Press [] [] [] [] to scroll the preview image.

  • Press [Switch] under “Display File” to display another selected file.

  • Press [Switch] under “Display Page” to change the displayed page.

6Press [Exit].

The display returns to that of step 4.

7Press [Exit] twice.

The standby display appears.


  • If the size of a received and stored document is larger than A3, the document is displayed in the preview as a single image, but it will be split and printed over several sheets.