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Reception File Setting

Specify whether received documents are to be saved on the hard disk or printed immediately without being saved. You can print stored documents repeatedly and download them as images to a computer using Web Image Monitor. If you select printing without saving, documents are printed each time they are received.

If you have used System Settings to specify to have received faxes distributed to the delivery server, the documents cannot be saved on the hard disk.

1Press [Facsimile Features].

2Press [Reception Settings].

3Press [Reception File Setting].

4Press [Print] or [Store], and then press [OK].

Operation panel screen illustration

To cancel your selection, press [Cancel]. The display returns to that of step 3.

When [Store] is selected, you can select whether or not to send notice of reception to a specific e-mail address. To notify of reception, press [Notify Destination] and select an e-mail address from the Internet Fax and e-mail destinations programmed in the address book. Further, you can register a group destination. In such a case, a maximum of 500 destinations can be specified in a group.

5Press the [User Tools/Counter] key.


  • You can use “Parameter Settings” (switch 10, bit 5) to select whether or not to print stored received documents. See “Parameter Settings”.

  • If [Store] is selected and a destination for notification is specified, notification of document reception can be sent to the specified e-mail address.

  • Documents saved on the hard disk are categorized as received and stored documents.

  • You cannot change to a different setting if received documents have been stored on the hard disk. To change to different setting, print documents stored on the hard disk if necessary, and then delete them.

  • Received confidential documents are stored in memory. Use the Print Personal Box File function to print them.

  • With [Store] selected, more memory space is used as the number of saved documents increases. After memory space becomes insufficient, no more documents are saved on the hard disk. When this happens, the machine starts printing and then overwriting old documents, or it deletes the received document data without printing it and then prints the Reception File Erased Report.

  • You can store received documents up to a total of approximately 320 pages or 2,240 pages of A4 size Standard <ITU-T Hash1Chart>.

  • You cannot send received documents.

  • You cannot manage stored documents from the Document Server display.

  • It is recommended that you use Web Image Monitor running under the same network environment as this machine. Otherwise, the Web browser may not open and an error may occur.