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Sending a Stored File

This section describes how to store and manage fax documents in the Document Server.

The Document Server can store documents from various applications.

The documents that are stored using the facsimile function are available to transmit by facsimile.

Storing in the Document Server enables the following:

You can send and print multiple stored documents as a single document, and also send them with scanned originals at the same time. Follow the instructions under [Select Stored File] when sending or printing stored documents.

Illustration of storing a document


  • Data stored in the machine can be lost if there is an error on the machine's hard disk. The manufacturer is not responsible for any damage that might result from the loss of data.


  • Stored documents are not deleted even if there is a power failure, or the main power switch is turned off.

  • You can specify whether or not the machine automatically deletes documents from the Document Server after a certain number of days. You can change this setting using “Auto Delete File in Document Server” under “System Settings”. See “Administrator Tools”, Network and System Settings Reference.

  • You cannot check received and stored documents through the Document Server.

  • Documents in the Document Server can be sent, printed, or deleted, and their information can be changed using the Web Image Monitor.

  • Using Web Image Monitor, documents you stored in the Document Server can be downloaded and managed on the computer. See “Document Server”, Copy and Document Server Reference.

  • For the maximum values of the following items, see “Maximum Values”.

    • Number of documents you can store in the Document Server using the facsimile function

    • Number of pages per document you can store in the Document Server

    • Number of pages you can store in the Document Server (in total - copy function, facsimile function, printer function, and scanner function)