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Storing a Document

You can store and send a document at the same time. You can also just store a document.

File names

Scanned documents are automatically assigned names like “FAX0001” or “FAX0002”.

User Names

You can set this function if necessary to know who and what departments stored documents in the machine.


You can set this function so as not to send to unspecified people.

1Place the original, and then specify the scan settings you require.

Specify the “Original Orientation” setting correctly. If you do not, the top/bottom orientation of the original will not be displayed correctly in the preview.

For details about the setting, see “Setting the Original Orientation”.

2Press [Store File].

Operation panel screen illustration

3Select [Send & Store] or [Store Only].

Select [Send & Store] to send documents after they are stored.

Select [Store Only] to store documents.

Operation panel screen illustration

4Set the user name, file name, and password as necessary.

Operation panel screen illustration

If you are not setting a user name, file name, or password, proceed to step 5.

You cannot change multiple documents at once.

5Press [OK].

The file name appears to the left of [Store File].

6If you have selected [Send & Store], specify the receiver.

If you have selected [Store Only], proceed to step 7.

7Press the [Start] key.


  • You can change file names and user names.