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Printing Stored Documents

Use this function to print documents stored in the Document Server.

You can also print the first page only to check the content of the original.


  • When [Print 1st Page] is selected, originals larger than A4 size are printed after they are reduced to A4 size.

1Press [Select Stored File].

Operation panel screen illustration

2Select the document to be printed.

Operation panel screen illustration

Press the Thumbnail key to switch the screen to thumbnail display.

3If you select a document with a password, enter the password, and then press [OK].

 Operation panel screen illustration

If the document does not have a password, proceed to step 4.

4Press [Print File] or [Print 1st Page].

When [Print File] is pressed, the machine prints all the pages. When [Print 1st Page] is pressed, the machine prints only the first page.

To print both sides, press [Print 2 Sides]. When multiple files are specified they are printed per file.

To cancel printing, press [Stop Printing].

5Press the [Start] key.

When only the first page is printed, the file name is printed at the top of the paper.

To cancel printing after pressing the [Start] key, press [Stop Printing].

6Press [Cancel].

The standby display appears.


  • Only documents stored using the facsimile function can be printed.

  • When printing originals that were not stored using the Mixed Original Sizes function, paper sizes might differ according to whether printing is through the facsimile function or the Document Server.

  • You can specify and print multiple documents at one time.

  • For the maximum values of the following items, see “Maximum Values”.

    • Number of stored documents you can print at a time using [Print 1st Page]

    • Number of stored documents you can print at a time using [Print File]