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Immediate TX Result Report (Immediate Transmission)

If you turn this report on, a report is printed after every Immediate Transmission so you have a record of whether the transmission was successful or not.

If the machine is set up not to print this report and the fax document could not be successfully transmitted, the Error Report is printed instead.


  • You can switch this report on or off in the User Parameter (switch 03, bit 5) in the Facsimile Features menu.

  • If user authentication is set, you can select whether to display a destination with the User Parameter (switch 04, bit 4) in the Facsimile Features menu.

  • For details about Parameter Setting, see “Parameter Settings”.

  • To view the report without text disruption, select a font of even character width in your e-mail application's settings.

  • If the page was sent successfully, the Page column gives the total number of pages sent successfully.

  • If E-mail TX Results is programmed in a Quick Operation Key, you can select whether a report e-mail is sent after transmission. For details about Quick Operation Key, see “General Settings”.