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Substitute Reception

Substitute Reception is used when the machine cannot print any fax documents.

In Substitute Reception, a received fax document is stored in memory instead of being printed. Fax documents received using Substitute Reception are automatically printed when the condition which caused the machine to use Substitute Reception is rectified.

Depending on why the machine cannot print, Substitute Reception might be used for all fax documents received, or for only those documents that match a condition specified in the User Parameters in the Facsimile Features menu.

The Receive File indicator lights to let you know when fax documents have been received using Substitute Reception.

Receive File indicator illustration


  • Reception may not take place if there is not enough free memory.

  • If free memory reaches 0% during Substitute Reception, any further reception becomes impossible and the current communication is terminated.


  • When a fax document is received after [Store] is selected for Reception File Setting in the Facsimile Features menu, the Receive File indicator lights. For details about Reception File Setting, see “Reception File Setting”.

  • The Receive File indicator may light even when receiving documents using Immediate Reception.