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Memory Reception

The machine waits until all pages of the document have been received into memory before printing it.

Illustration of Memory Reception


  • If there is a power failure (the main power switch is turned off) or the machine is unplugged for about one hour, all the documents stored in memory are deleted. As soon as the main power switch is turned on, the Power Failure Report is printed to help you check the list of deleted files. Simply turning off the power by pressing the operation switch does not delete stored documents. See “Turning Off the Main Power / In the Event of Power Failure”, Troubleshooting.

  • The machine might not be able to receive large numbers of documents or documents with high data content. If this is the case, we recommend that you set “Reception File Print Quantity” to “1” and disable “Combine Two Originals” or “2 Sided Print”. Alternatively, install the optional expansion memory.

  • The machine may not be able to receive fax documents when free memory space is low.

  • If free memory reaches 0% during Memory Reception, any further reception becomes impossible and the current communication is terminated.


  • Reception is always by Immediate Reception unless “Combine Two Originals” or [2 Sided Print] is set to “On”, or [Reception File Print Quantity] is set to “2” or higher, in which cases the machine switches to Memory Reception.

  • If you have selected Store for Reception File Setting in the Facsimile Features menu, received document is saved on the hard disk and will not be printed. You can print those documents by operating the machine or a connected computer, as necessary.