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Closed Network

Transmission will only take place if the destination's Closed Network Code is the same as yours.

This function can stop you accidentally sending information to the wrong place.


  • You must program a Closed Network Code beforehand, using Program Closed Network Code under Facsimile Features. For details about the programming method, see “Initial Settings”.

  • This function is not available with Internet Fax, e-mail transmission, and folder transmission.

1Place the original, and then select the scan settings you require.

2Press [TX Mode].

Operation panel screen illustration

3Select [Option Setting].

4Press [Closed Network] to highlight it.

Operation panel screen illustration

To cancel a Closed Network Transmission, press [Closed Network] again.

5Press [OK] twice.

6Specify the destination, and then press the [Start] key.


  • You can program one of the Quick Operation keys with operations for this function. Using the Quick Operation Key allows you to omit steps 2, 3, and 5. For details about Quick Operation Key, see “General Settings”.