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Searching for a Destination in the Address Book

Use this function to search for a destination registered in the destination list or on the LDAP server.


  • To search for a destination from an LDAP server, the LDAP server must be registered in advance. For details about registering LDAP servers, see “Administrator Tools”, Network and System Settings Reference.


  • Press the transmission type tab on the Search Destination screen to switch the transmission type between fax/IP-Fax, Internet Fax, e-mail, and folder.

  • The search returns only destinations whose first characters match the entered characters.

  • A warning message appears if the search returns more than the maximum number of destinations you can search for at a time. Press [Exit] and change the destination name to view fewer destinations.

  • For the maximum number of destinations you can search at a time using [Search Dest.], see “Maximum Values”.

  • Although one user can program multiple e-mail addresses, only one address can be retrieved by the search. The address retrieved by the search depends on the searching method supported by the LDAP server. However, the address programmed first is normally retrieved.