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Double Copies

One original image is copied twice on one sheet.

Illustration of Double Copies


  • You cannot use the bypass tray with this function.

  • The following original sizes cannot be detected properly on the exposure glass: 51/2 × 81/2Landscape, 10 × 14Landscape, 71/4 × 101/2Landscape, A3Landscape, A4PortraitLandscape. If your originals are one of these sizes, be sure to select the copy paper manually, or place the originals in the ADF.

See the following table for original and copy paper sizes when using a 100% ratio:

Illustration of Double Copies

1Press [Edit / Color].

Operation panel screen illustration

2Press [Edit Image].

3Press [Double Copies].

4Press [OK].

5Select the paper size.


  • You can change the settings for Double Copies under Edit in User Tools. For details about Edit, see “Edit”.