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Printing on Both Sides of Sheets (Duplex Printing)

Use the following procedure to specify printing on both sides of each page using the printer driver.


  1. After creating a document, click [Print...] on the [File] menu of the document's native application.

    The [Print] dialog box appears.

  2. Select the icon for this printer, and then click [Preferences].

    The [Printing Preferences] dialog box appears.

  3. Click [Properties...].

    The printing preferences properties dialog box appears.

  4. Click [Edit] in the menu list.

  5. In the [Duplex/Booklet:] list, select a page binding pattern.

  6. Change any other settings if necessary.

  7. Click [OK].

    The [Printing Preferences] dialog box reappears.

  8. Click [OK].

  9. Click [Print].


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